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An Ultra-Strong Encryption that is easy to use

BitCrypt has been updated to version 6.0. There are two implementations of the program. One runs on Windows and the other on Linux. The program has a new user interface and the encryption is done by the Rijndael cipher. There are no other ciphers available any more. Rijndael is The Advanced Encryption Standard, also known by its original name Rijndael. It is a specification for the encryption of electronic data established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2001. This change creates a cleaner user interface while maintaining the expected level of security.

Both versions of the program are free with no restrictions or limitations.

BitCrypt is an elegant encryption utility that allows for the storage and transmission of information in an undetectable manner. The software may be used to store plain text and hide it from any third party or to send information through the means provided by the Internet.

The method consists of two steps:

  • firstly encrypt text with the cipher,

  • subsequently, hide the encrypted text within a user-selected picture.

This later step is called steganography, which means "to hide invisibly".


BitCrypt is designed to be easy to use and requires only a few steps to perform the task of storing or retrieving text.

The strength of the initial encryption and the steganographic concealment makes the encryption unbreakable. The only weak point may exist in the key supplied by the user.

BitCrypt is a boutique-style program for those who require ultra-strong encryption. It is provided with the expectation of being used for legal purposes only.



System Requirements

BitCrypt 6.0 is written in Pascal and compiled on an AMD® Ryzen processor running either Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS or Windows 10. Both are 64-bit.

The program is delivered as a stand-alone executable. It has been statically linked and does not depend on any external components or libraries. It is expected the program would run on any currently available hardware.


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