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Frequently Asked Questions



There is no installer. How do I install the program?

BitCrypt comes as a self-contained executable. It does not require any additional components or libraries. You should be able to run it from any location provided that it is within the system PATH, or that you have created a shortcut pointing to it.


On Windows
Copy the program to a location where you would like to keep it. It may be in a new folder on your computer or a USB drive. Right-click on BitCrypt and create a shortcut. Move the shortcut to any convenient location. You can uninstall BitCrypt by simply deleting it. The program does not interfere with the Windows registry.


On Linux
The program comes with an script. Examine it before running. There are icons supplied with the file as well. Choose one and copy it to your home .icons directory. Otherwise, you may copy the program to any bin directory within your PATH or run it from the console by typing ./bitcrypt



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