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An Ultra-Strong Encryption that is easy to use


So far, no one was able to break into this encryption
but some have tried to discredit it

                                                                       Moshe Szweizer

A version of BitCrypt called The Privacy Tool, which has a more conventional user interface, may be downloaded from this site The Privacy Tool

BitCrypt Purpose

BitCrypt is designed to perform two functions:

  1. To allow for safe storage of sensitive textual information on a local computer (or network)

  2. And to allow for passage of any textual information to another party without detection. 

The objective is achieved in such a manner that the information is not only securely encrypted, but also does not 'look' like an encrypted text. In this way it is possible to store/pass the text without bringing any attention to the fact.

This form of information storage is commonly called 'stego'. If you search for that word on the Net you may find that a lot of developers have undertaken an effort to perfect this technique. It would seem that the main user of programs like this would be someone employed by Intelligence community in some foreign country. Anyone else would not need to hide an encryption in some pictures, but would be rather satisfied with the fact that the text has been encrypted at all.

There is a lot of programs available doing just that, and you may like to look at some of them, if being invisible is not your requirement.


In fact there is a number of encryption applications on the market that would offer unbreakable encryption. This is to the extend that even Government agencies like NSA would not be able to break into encryptions provided by them. In fact the time of always breakable encryptions passed away some fifteen  to twenty years ago.

In cases of unbreakable encryptions  NSA and the like would rely on something called "chatter" to assume observable communication.

What it means is that, if site A exchanges information with site B, then NSA would note there was an encrypted communication taking place, but would not know what the content of the communication was. If there is increase of such exchanges then NSA would assume increased 'chatter', and therefore would suspect an upcoming happening.

A program like BitCrypt hides the fact of any information exchange, therefore removes opportunity from observing chatter.

The only manner in which BitCrypt encrypted text may be broken into is the knowledge of the user supplied key used in the encryption. If your data is ultra sensitive you should use 20 to 30 character long encryption keys when typing them into the program.







The original not encrypted picture
The above image contains 
encrypted text. Key is: 123456789
Right click and save it
and read the encryption using BitCrypt


A set of examples is included in the download
so that one may see the effectiveness of the program




Concise Usage Description

To encrypt follow the steps below
  1. Load a bitmap into the program (at least 24x24 pixels in size)

  2. Open the text editor provided and type or paste the text to be encrypted

  3. Enter the key you would like to use for the sake of encryption (at least 9 characters) - 30 characters at least if your data is ultra sensitive

  4. Choose the Hash Algorithm, Cipher Algorithm, and Cipher Mode from the lists provided. You will need to use the same setting here when decrypting the image, therefore note your choice

  5. Press the Encrypt button. Note that the text you have entered is replaced with the encrypted text. This is to show the actual text string that is being written into the image

  6. Save the image. (Do not press the Encrypt button twice as it would encrypt the text currently shown in the Editors window)

To decrypt follow the steps below
  1. Load the encrypted image into the program

  2. Type the encryption key

  3. Choose the encryption scheme used when originally encrypting the text. All Hash Algorithm, Cipher Algorithm and Cipher Mode are to be set to the ones used when the image was being encrypted

  4. Press the Decrypt key.


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